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Lymphedema is a build up of high protein fluid that causes swelling in an area of the body.


Fysio Actief focuses on providing the right compression garment for the treatment of lymphedema, venous edema and lipedema.

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy
 The Tidhar Method©

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy is based on the principles of the Casley–Smith exercise program for lymphedema and is applied in an aquatic environment.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

Fysio Actief focuses on the practice of edema physiotherapy and the aqua lymphatic therapy. Additionally, we also provide the right compression garments for the medical management of edema. 

Please feel free to read more in order to get a better understanding of our approach. 

Due to a Deep vein thrombosis I had no choice but to wear compression socks for a while. I was very happy I didn't have to choose comfort over style. I was able to wear them in a discreet and fashionable way.

Ismaira.D. Age 32

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