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Compression Garments

Fysio Actief focuses on providing the right compression garment for the treatment of lymphedema, venous edema and lipedema. Proper measuring and garment choice are essential for optimal therapeutic outcomes. These measurements, along with what garment has been decided on will be sent to the manufacturers to be made. Our practice apply medical products that meet strict quality requirements. For this reason our practice is a certified supplier of properly fitting JOBST® compression stockings and arm sleeves. Additionally, Fysio Actief is a certified Steve+ dealer, known as the perfect aid to put on and remove all type of stockings with or without assistance. Once the garment arrives you will get a call from the practice to schedule an appointment for your fitting. On the fitting day the physical therapist will make sure that you can don (put on) the garment yourself or that someone who will aid you is present. Furthermore, you will get advice on how to care for your garment, what to be vigilant for and how to get in touch with if there is any question concerning the garment.

Compression therapy refers to the use of specialized stockings or bandages in the management of chronic venous disease and lymphedema. Gradient compression delivers a squeezing to the leg that is tightest at the ankle and decreasing going up the leg. The pressure unit is the millimeter of mercury (mmHg). Gradient elastic stockings pioneered by engineer and patient, Conrad Jobst®, in the early 1950s remain the standard in the management of chronic venous disease.


Gradient compression stockings are of most benefit to individuals with the following leg complaints:

  • Tired, aching, heavy feeling legs  

  • Leg swelling

  • Post-thrombotic syndrome

  • Active venous ulcer

  • Varicose veins

  • Healed venous ulcer

  • Venous insufficiency

  • Lymphedema

  • Lipedema

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