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Our approach

Appointments for all treatments or a consultation at Fysio Actief can be made by phone. We always try to arrange appointment times that suits you the best.

If you have booked an appointment it is very important to let us know if you need to cancel it. Preferably at least 24 hours in advance. On your first visit to Fysioactief you will be given an appointment card which you can bring to each appointment.

Edema Physiotherapy 

Your doctor will determine wether it is medically necessary to refer you to a specialist. You are entitled to specialist care if your doctor has given you a letter of referral. Please bring this letter of referral with you on your first visit to Fysio Actief. Nevertheless, requesting a treatment without a medical referral is also possible. The first consultation will be primary an individual assessment that could take approximately 45 minutes. The standard treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Some conditions require longer times. The edema therapist will recommend you how long to wait before making a next appointment, this will depend on your individual circumstances.

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